Resume Kuliah Pertama Perilaku Konsumen-Senin Siang

Wenita Firliana (F24150049)

Departemen Ilmu dan Teknologi Pangan ( )

Fakultas Teknologi Pertanian (

Institut Pertanian Bogor (

Kuliah Perilaku Konsumen IKK233 (Consumer Behavior Class)

Department of Family and Consumer Sciences (

College of Human Ecology (

Bogor Agricultural University IPB (

Prof.Dr.Ir. Ujang Sumarwan, MSc (

Dr.Ir. Lilik Noor Yuliati, MFSA

Dr.Ir. Megawati Simanjuntak , MS

Ir. Retnaningsih, MS

Ir. Md djamaluddin , MSc

Text Book : Ujang Sumarwan.2011.Perilaku Konsumen.Teori dan Penerapannya dalam Pemasaran.Jakarta (ID) : PT Ghalia Indonesia

Last Monday, I attended my course about consumer behaviour. It was my first course out of my major so i was so excited. Mr. Ujang is my lecturer for this course. I really enjoyed this class because my lecturer was so amazing with all of his knowledge. In addition, the lecturer also did an ice breaking so the class was so fun. Since I enjoyed, I wrote a notes. Here we go.

Consumer behaviour is all of activities and psychology processes that motivate people before they buy, use, or waste product and service after evaluated. The similarity of all consumer in the world such as brand, food, social media, etc. All consumer in the world usually use the same brand, for example consumer’s thought in the world about something luxury branded is the same with consumer’s thought in Indonesia. Even though with the food. All of the people must be ate fast food. And a social media? Hmm, I think all of people use it now to make an easier communication.

And why we learn consumer behavior? Sites from Sumarwan (2011), if a company want to grow up, so that they have to interest a new consumer and hold their steady consumer, that task will be easier if the businessman understand about consumer behavior. Beside, it also will so useful for business and research. It will help us to make an appropriate marketing strategy. By learn this subject, we also learn how to be a wise consumer, so that we can increase our prosperity.

In the other hand, consumer in the world also have a differently. They have their own motivation to consume something. There is a model of motivation that my lecturer has been teach. Necessary and willingness that cannot achieved will make a pressure and give a motivation to do something so the necessary can be achieved.

Necessary can be divided into 2 groups, utilitarian and expressive. The utilitarian is a necessary that just consider about the functional use (objective), but the expressive one is a necessary that consider about hedonism.

Purpose is the ways to achieve a necessary. Similar with the necessary, purpose also consist from 2 groups. First is a general purpose, and the second is a specific purpose. The specific purpose is the ways to achieve a necessary that mention a specific brand. Differently, the general purpose is not mention a specific brand.

Wants is a necessary that not yet achieved.

My lecturer also give me one more theory, the theory is a Necessary Theory. There are many kind of necessary theory, but the most I memorize is Teori Maslow. In this theory, necessary have a hierarchy like a pyramid.

References :

Ujang Sumarwan.2011.Perilaku Konsumen.Teori dan       Penerapannya dalam  Pemasaran.Jakarta (ID) : PT Ghalia Indonesia.


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